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Sunday, 30 March 2008

Aloe Vera

I've been reading quite a few articles about the benefits of the Aloe vera plant recently and I've decided to eat it on a regular basis now. The main reason for eating Aloe vera is because it increases resistance to disease. It fights infections and is very good for the skin as well. I'm currently on holidays at my parents and I'm very lucky to have this in their back garden. I took some shots.

If you don't have a back garden to grow this, it can very well be kept as a potted plant. It takes quite a long to grow and become mature enough for harvest. So it may be a good idea to have more than 1 plant if you want to eat it on a regular basis.

I ate some today, raw, with nothing else. I must say it has a very bitter after taste.

I read some articles about mixing the gel with some cranberry juice to get rid of the bitterness. I'll try that soon.
My mum puts it in cucumber salad.

I've used it as a skin balm a few times. It really helps get rid of acnes and spots. I don't really have too many but my skin is clearer. I just rub some of the gel on my skin and leave it to dry for 10-15min before washing it off with some warm water.

What you want to eat from the aloe vera is the translucent gel centre.
After cutting one leaf from the plant at base, wash it, then remove the little spines along the length.

Cut into small pieces. Remove the dark skin from the flesh.

I usually rub the skin on my face so as not to waste the little amount of gel remaining there.

Well, as I said I had it plain raw today. But I'll try some variations next time.


  1. Wow - I'd have never thought of eating it, I usually just use it to treat burns in the kitchen!

  2. I usally get huge red bumps, that leave scars on my face.but ever since i have been using
    aloe vera
    on my face it has changed dramatically. its really cheap and pure too.

  3. Nice Picture!!!!!eat aloe vera !!!!good option


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