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Thursday, 1 May 2008

Watercress Juice, my new morning tonic!


I have heard a lot about the goodness of watercress in general but had never actually done more research on it myself. While I have been wanting to eat mostly raw for a while, actually doing it is another thing. (I would terribly miss cooking and baking!) So I am starting a little at a time. And I have found that consuming mostly raw in the morning is a good easy start. As far as I can, I now eat all my fruits in the morning and by lunchtime.

I have also experimented with juicing. I started with fruits – apple and kiwi, grapefruit, pear and kiwi and a few more combinations.

I tried this watercress juice and it is quite a punch on the stomach the first time I had it. I am now getting used to its peppery taste. I have tried to mix it with carrot juice and a squeezed lemon. It is easier to drink and they add to the essential nutrients.

I remember my Mum used to give me warm watercress juice mixed with honey when I was little and suffering from a bad cough or bronchitis. Warm watercress juice with honey is so sickening! I used to hate it and as a child, I never believed it did anything good to me but make me want to throw up!

I don’t take honey anymore, so no more stomach trauma with that. But plain watercress juice is still very strong on the stomach. With the added carrot juice and a squeezed lemon, it is still quite strong but having read about the benefits I think I am starting to like it. I’ve had it 3-4 times since last week.

For my watercress juice, I used:

About 50 – 75 g watercress
½ lemon, squeezed
1 carrot
½ glass water

  • Blend all ingredients together in a blender and pass through a fine mesh sieve.

If you want to know more on watercress, this site was very helpful to me:

I learned that the Egyptian Pharoahs served freshly squeezed watercress juice to their slaves each morning and afternoon in order to increase their productivity.

And there are a few interesting recipes too!


  1. watercress juice? Now that I wouldn't have thought of trying because of it's peppery flavour, but in salads I just love it!

  2. I mixed it with an apple and pear today. And the taste is much better. It's apparently very good, an excellent intestine cleanser.

  3. yes and with all the stomach cancers popping up over the next year or so everyone iz going to have to know this info... so letz make a range of watercress drinks for health benefits to the body, as a consumer product?


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