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Monday, 11 August 2008

Apples and Lovlie


Ok, I've got loads of apples at home and I'm short of ideas about what to do with them! Mum brought them home as they aren't selling very well these days at the market. (Mum and Dad are fruitsellers by the way! You get the idea why there's so many fruits in my baking!)

So help me before they go off, what are your favourite apple recipes? I've made some apple custard tartlets so far.

Sidenote: I made the illustration above at work today. I practically had no work today, so I spent the time making this!


  1. apple pie muffins are ace in my book.
    did I ever mention how I dig your drawings, lovlie?

  2. I totally dig the art!The last time I had a load of apples, I made apple sauce that I then used in baking to replace oil products - worked really well.

    I also dig apples in curry (with butternut squash and sweet potatoes).

    What about an apple cookie? I have never tried that...maybe I am going to get some apples!

  3. Beautiful illustration! I am always bored at work, but I usually spend that time reading blogs. If I could make amazing illustrations like you do, I would definitely do that instead!

  4. your illustration = awesome! i think it's great and so cool that you created it! and as far as fun things you can make with apples: apple butter, apple pie, apple muffins, apple pancakes, apple sauce, you can make apples 'n raisins to smother over some tofu or tempeh, or what about dicing a few for a tasty fruit salad. can you slice some thin and dehydrate them to have dried apples? or how about a curry tofu salad with apples, raisins, & celery? mmmmmmmm! i can't wait to see what'cha do with all those apples! :D

  5. celine: I will try muffins. I have never actually made muffins themselves. I just make mini cakes. I should definitely give muffins a go!

    vegancowgirl: applesauce is a bright idea! I have never actually made curries with sweet things. I guess it would be similar to adding dates or raisins to pilaf rice. Thansks for the nice tips!

    jennycestcake: I wished I had more free time like this at work. But this only happened once so far!

    jessy: Thanks for so many suggestions! I would have made salads and stuffs but they are somewhat floury apples and I've already have cooked them to preserve them a little bit longer. I was thinking about apple pancakes too. That sounds good! I could have them for breakfast too! Thanks!

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  7. I've been putting up a pile of apples lately -- I did applesauce (great for vegan baking!), canned apple pie filling and four whole apple pies.

    I would also recommend you try your hand at apple chutney - super delicious and a great use of apples.

  8. I really like your illustration!
    As for the apples, I'd use them to make lots of apple (or mixed fruit) crumbles!


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