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Saturday, 23 May 2009

Gernika Peppers and a recipe review

    My lovlie colleague friend (she is Spanish, from Basque Country she says!) brought me those Gernika peppers from her holidays to Spain. These peppers are unique to the region of Gernika in Spain. The best way to eat them is just shallow fried and sprinkled with some coarse sea salt. They were indeed very tasty and quite different in taste to any other types of peppers I've eaten before! If you happen to get hold of some Gernika peppers, they're worth trying! I really enjoyed them.

    Gernika Peppers

    I also adapted this Nasudengaku recipe (Eggplant grilled with Special Miso paste) from the Now Vegan cookbook. This was so good! Well, I changed some of the spices and sauces but kept the idea of cutting and preparing the aubergine in the same way.


    So that evening for dinner, we had Gernika peppers, adapted Nasudengaku with couscous, tofu (marinated in soy sauce then fried) and salad! It was a feast!

    Gernika Peppers,Eggplant


    1. I love when eggplant is called aubergine, it sounds so much prettier!

      I'm glad you are liking your first vegan cookbook :)

    2. mmm, grilled eggplant looks so awesome! must try.

    3. a great way to make eggplant! That is definitely a feast =)

    4. My first visit here, and I'm already finding your blog interesting! I enjoy cooking too :) but I'm not vegan ...

    5. Yummy! The dinner looked really delicious. You had sliced pink radish in the salad? I really enjoy eating those in salads!

    6. Morinn, yes they were pink radish, I love them too, they add crunch and taste!

    7. this dish looks SO good! im especially loving the tofu!

    8. ooh, that looks yummy!

    9. Look so good and I love eggplant so much. I definitely try this recipe.

    10. That is a feast! I like how you prepped the eggplant. Must try that sometime :)

    11. Wow.. Marinated tofu looks yumm :)

    12. Hey Lovliebutterfly,

      Just came across your comment on Morina's blog.I think we have much in common:D
      I was struck about the way you defend the living.Actually,I think its quite a big debate.I just read that the other day about fruitarians,people eating

      only fruits that fell off trees. Scientists like Bose did find that plants also could sense pain.The Jains and certain Buddhists sects I know go even more

      deeper into that by eating only grains and sticking to basics.
      Is it possible to annilate actual karma?

      In Mauritius as you know we face many challenges as Vegan,we usually dont have much choice.I mean if you dont know how to cook its really hard.While going out for lunch at work I dont have many choice of food,its soit Hare krsna,dholl puri,roti.After some months its somekind hard to stick to only that.

      I think you found a great way to deal with that.
      In about two months,i'll fly to France to complete my studies.My relatives tells me it'll be difficult to stick to my vegan diet. I wanna take on the challenge. The problem is I really dont know a think about cooking :D

      If your on facebook u can check my Group,its call PROTECT THE BUTTERFLIES.Do Join.
      And there's someone I know always coming with the good articles,she's Trisha Roberts,u'll like her.

    13. This is really a well laid out website. I love how your posts tie in with the food and drink theme so well. You seem to really love your site. I myself love to read up on recipes along side helping others in health. Keep up the great work here and please visit by my blog sometime. The url is

    14. yes... that eggplant looks phenomenal!

    15. Cute way to serve aubergine! Looks nice too!

    16. Pipo(anonymous), thanks for your comment. The Karma subject is a slightly off-topic here but it is related to cruelty-free living. I personally have different views on karma itself, not that I don't believe in karma, but I believe it is how you interpret it.

      Basically, I don't think you are 'punished' for the 'wrong' that you do simply because right and wrong are subjective. What's right for someone might be totally wrong for someone else. In this world we see everything as either right or wrong but I don't really see things in this way. It is more
      like everything is right (or wrong) just as long as you are ready to accept the consequences of your actions. The results of your actions is what makes
      you know whether you like it or not.

      As for the rest of your questions and concerns I will address them in my next post itself. I feel there's a lot more to say here and other readers might want to read this as well. So bear with me for a bit until I get the next post sorted!

    17. i love your blog.i am not really vegan but i am a veg lover!!your recipes are great looking,healthy and look like haute gastronomie!!


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