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Sunday, 13 September 2009

Lovely Saturday!

Yesterday was a glorious Saturday. With the sun shining so bright, we had to go out and enjoy this lovely weather! We spent the day strolling in the city centre, had a late afternoon lunch and bought a few vegan foodstuffs at the health store. That’s my concept of a good day spent at leisure.

We bought lunch at Kokoro Sushi Bento on Lower Liffey Street in Dublin. It is mainly a sushi place (take out only) but they have a selection of curries with rice or noodles. There’s only one of the curries that’s vegan; I confirmed this with the girl there who said it didn’t contain any dairy, eggs or fish (some places do list fish as part of their vegetarian menu, I don’t really understand this!)

So, if you are in Dublin some day and looking for a vegan lunch that’s reasonably priced, then maybe you should try their Tofu Curry served with boiled rice. It’s a decent portion at €5.45.

tofu curry,tofu

Then, we went to Nourish, the health store on Wicklow Street (off Grafton Street). There are a few more Nourish stores around Dublin but this one has a fridge/freezer with some nice selection of frozen vegan foodstuffs.

We bought a tub of vegan ice-cream and a few other stuffs. I hadn’t had ice-cream in a long while and I had never tried the Swedish Glace brand before.

We bought the chocolate flavour (of course!) but there were a few more other flavours there.

Swedish Glace

When we got home, after a light salad for dinner, we just dug into the tub with generous portions each. It’s a really nice one! Creamy and smooth but light at the same time! That’s how I like ice-cream! I will definitely buy this again!
The tub was almost empty when I decided to take a picture!

Swedish Glace

Swedish Glace


  1. Hello there Lovely!
    Sounds like a delightful saturday indeed..!I also did not have icecream(vegan) in such a long time..and the one you show definitely looks delicious..mmmmm gotta find me some icecream realll quick! :) Mia

  2. Curry and ice cream sounds like a perfect saturday!

  3. i would love to visit ireland... and if i do, i'm getting that yummy curry!

  4. Oh MAN, I love Swedish Glace, especially the caramel!

  5. what a fun day! ireland must be amazing!

  6. ur blog is absolutely awesome and informative :) nice one :) will keep dropping by :)


  7. nops im sure i'll be learning loads from you esp the section about healthy foods :p

    cuz eating healthily is something which is very important in my family nowadays.

    my dad suffered from a cardiac arrest last time and since then oil & salt has been bann'd @ home.

    we eat only baked or boiled food now. stimes grilled too :p



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