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Sunday, 17 January 2010


Some people still ask me why am I vegan. Well, here's one of the reasons. I cannot eat that kind of intelligence.
This is not a recipe but I had to share this...


  1. Thanks so much for posting this! I try to explain to people constantly that our ability to reason, build architecture, create art, etc. is no more special or important than being able to fly, breathe underwater, or carry our young in a pouch! This video adds so much to that!

  2. Thank you for posting...this video is amazing and I feel so privileged for being able to see it!

  3. I'm vegan because there is simply no good reason not to be. In one fell swoop I save animal's lives, protect the environment, and preserve my health for years to come. This was a beautiful post, thank you.

  4. I want to add a link about the elephant painting to clarify what happens in the video. While elephants are mammothly (hehe) intelligent and coordinated, I wouldn't want this elephant's abilities to be overestimated.

    Personally, I'm inclined to believe she has some idea of what she is painting a representation of.

  5. Stacy, thanks for the link (I think it's this link though, yours doesn't work). For me, even if the elephant is taught to draw this, it is still extraordinary. Being an artist myself, it takes years of practice to achieve a good level of brush strokes. This elephant applies stronger strokes where required to create the sense of depth (e.g. in between the limbs). It knows where to start again. Even if she is just remembering the "art lessons", no one is helping her by holding her trunk to draw this.

    Although one thing I may fear now is over-exploitation of these elephants and a way to make money yet once again!

  6. Aww, I hope the elephants are only 'used' to demonstrate their abilities and not to fill someone's wallet, as though they were in a circus.

    I have to admit, though, I'd want to buy one of those paintings if I had the money. It's really incredible and lovely...


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