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Sunday, 30 October 2011


I have reached a point in my life where working only for a living is no longer making sense. I have to earn a living for sure but doing just that feels like drinking from an empty bottle. Mother Earth, our planet has been abused for a long time and even though it seems that it could be too late, it is not; we still have time. I have been feeling such a connection with all life on this planet recently that this has triggered something that I cannot really explain within me. I only feel the urge to pour out this feeling into actions that can contribute into making the planet a better place to live for every living being that are sharing it.

I recently came to know about the TreeSisters Organisation and I have been deeply moved by the initiative of these women who are seeding change across the planet. Their plan is to reforest certain areas of Asia and Africa.

Although I would very much have liked to be actively part of helping in the reforestation of the planet and going to physically plant the trees, for the moment I am unable to take active participation in that area. But what I can do is help to in other areas that will allow these changes to happen.

Like I've mentioned before I have recently opened a handmade cruelty-free jewellery shop on Etsy where I try to make a difference by using cruelty-free materials in the making of my jewellery and accessories. The idea of opening the shop itself really came from the fact that I have been doing my own jewellery and accessories for some time and my boyfriend suggested that I put some for sale for people interested in buying cruelty-free jewellery.

Anyone can contribute to this project. As even the smallest contribution helps to go a long way. As such you can also take part in this wonderful initiative. Please visit the 'Gaia Collection' where 30% of sales will go to the TreeSisters Organisation. You will not only have a nice item of jewellery to cherish and wear or offer as a gift but you would also have taken part in a change at a much larger scale. And this feeling is priceless. Please spread the word and gather more tree sisters...

Follow the TreeSisters on Facebook and Twitter. To offer your contribution by buying a jewellery piece, please visit the Gaia Collection in my shop on Etsy. TreeSisters, Gaia collection

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