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Saturday, 10 December 2011

Vegan Pain Perdu or French Toast

French Toast

Pain perdu in French means "lost bread" or otherwise stale bread that might have been thrown away could be used in this recipe. But do you know, I've been waiting for my store bought bread to go stale for a while and it still seems like it's fresh. Goodness knows what horrid things they put in those breads.

I don't actually like the store bought breads, I just find homemade ones taste much better and I like the rich dense texture of homemade bread.
I know some people strive to make their bread very store-bought like but for me homemade bread cannot be compared.

But anyway, although I wish I had the time to make my own bread all the time, I do buy store bread for convenience sake and this morning (to improve on their taste) I decided to make some French Toast, my vegan version sans the eggs.
It's really so simple to make that it hardly needs any recipe...

6 slices bread (I used pre-sliced bread but thickness can be about 1/2" / 1.5cm)
300ml oatmilk (more or less but make sure it's cold, other non-dairy like soy or almond milk will work fine too)
2 teaspoons custard powder or cornstarch
3 tablespoons sugar (optional, omit if making a savoury version)
1/2 teaspoon cinnamon
Vegan margarine for frying

  • Mix the milk, custard powder, sugar and cinnamon in a big bowl (large enough to accomodate your bread)
  • Heat about 1 tablespoon of vegan margarine in a non-stick pan or skillet.
  • Dip the first slice of bread in the milk, coat on both sides (but do not soak the bread too much).
  • Place in pan and fry the slice until golden on one side then turn and fry on the other side until golden.
    If you can fit more than one slice in your pan, you can do so and keep frying the rest of the batch. Add more margarine as required for frying.
    If not serving immediately, you can keep them warm in a 130 degrees Celsius oven, until all the slices are done.
Now, just make a nice cuppa and enjoy! Cuppa Tea, Pain Perdu


  1. Ooh, it looks very pretty and tasty. ^^ I agree with you - homemade bread is much better with taste and crumb. It is also very fun to make.

  2. what a great way to use up old bread. looks delicious! i love your recipes and photos, you are so talented! so glad to have found ur blog!

  3. I've had french toast on the brain for weeks, but for some reason haven't made any. Thanks for sharing your recipe, it looks great!


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