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Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Dehli-O-Deli, A Restaurant Review

Dehli-O-Deli is a vegetarian restaurant (with a good selection of vegan dishes on the menu) which quite recently opened in Moore Street in Dublin.
I had not yet paid a visit until a few weeks ago. Infact, a colleague had recommended the place and as we were passing by the area, Boyfriendlovlie and I decided to go in.
Inside is quite simple and staff are very friendly. The first good thing was the prices which are really cheap for a good size portion.

Since it was our first time there, we didn't quite know what to expect, so we just ordered a starter each and a main course with a drink.

Boyfriendlovlie had a samoosa. There is a samoosa under this, I swear! And it was tasty.

Dehli-o-Deli, samoosa

I had some mixed pakoras with chutney and tamarind dipping sauce. These were nice and filling.

Dehli-o-Deli, pakoras

However, we didn't like the masala lemonade. Very weird combination of spices with lemonade. That's going to be a big NO next time. I don't know whether there would be someone who would actually like this drink. I am cringing at the thought of it again! My orange-cranberry juice was alright though.

Dehli-o-Deli, lemonade

For main, I ordered masala dosa. It was huge! Didn't fit on the plate.

Dehli-o-Deli, masala dosa

I would have liked a different filling instead of potatoes and I would have liked it to be a touch spicier.

Dehli-o-Deli, masala dosa

Boyfriendlovlie had black chickpea curry with puffed naan bread. I really liked the naan bread and they went very well with the chickpeas which were nice too.

Dehli-o-Deli, chickpea

By the time we finished our starter and main, we were both full. So, I took some jalebis as a take away dessert to have later. They were excellent! Jalebis are my favourite indian sweets so I couldn't miss the chance of getting some since I don't actually make them at home.

Dehli-o-Deli, jalebis

In general, all dishes were a bit bland but they did taste nice. I would go back there from time to time as it's a convenient place, friendly staff and a good price for a simple lunch or early dinner.


  1. That looks so yummy
    Thanks for sharing, hope to visit in my next trip

  2. Good review. I like honesty in reviews. Don't know that I'll ever be in the area to check it out, though. :-) I'll have to see if I can make or buy that dessert. I've never heard of it before.

  3. Gato moutaille!!!yum yum:)rommi


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