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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Purple my Taste Buds!

One of my favourite childhood food was undoubtedly boiled tapioca, yam or sweet potato, just plain smeared with butter. I was particularly fond of tapioca mashed in a little milk as well, apart from the butter. Vivid images of Mum making these for us after school came to my mind when I saw an array of yams and other root vegetables at the Asian market last weekend. I can still recall the aroma of melted butter on those hot root vegetables!

While sweet potato is a staple in my kitchen, I had never seen the purple ones in my local store. Yams and the rest would have been a staple too if I didn't have to make the trip to the Asian market to buy them. So, I got some of those purple sweet potatoes. Infact I had never had them before!

purple sweet potatoes

When I came back home, I checked the internet to see what people usually make with these. Just as I anticipated, these little purple babies go in anything from cakes to soups, even cheesecakes and flans! Now I had too many choices. Most of these recipes would need to be veganised; that wasn't a problem though.

Well, I end up making them exactly the way I liked root veggies as a child - plain smeared with vegan margarine.

purple sweet potatoes

I thought they would taste like the regular (orange) sweet potatoes but these ones were like a cross between tapioca and sweet potato. Very nice indeed. Colour and taste - gorgeous!
These for me make a good breakfast, although I wouldn't mind having them for or as part of any meal.

Sometimes the best meals are the simplest ones! Next time though I will definitely try make a cake or muffins or a pie or a cheesecake or a ...

purple sweet potatoes

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