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Monday, 7 January 2013

Meet My New Kitchen Friend: Fox Run Mini Cupcake Spatula

You know what the fun is to move into a new country again? You get to buy some new fun stuffs and gadjets for the kitchen again! The cost of bringing all my utensils from Ireland was proving to be quite pricey. I ended up selling a good number of them before leaving. Having lived on the move for the past years has got me buying things that are rather functional and on the cheap. I did have some good utensils but I never quite went for anything fancy; parting with them would have been too hard!

While I've already gotten most of the kitchen basics, I still had not yet bought a spatula when, quite by chance, I fell on this cute Fox Run Cupcake Shaped Spatula while browsing on

I got mine on but you can also find these on

The price was good on and they come in three colours: pink, blue and green. I wanted the blue but the mini one was out of stock, so I got the green instead. Despite its fanciness, this spatula is actually really good; it is well made and does a good scraping job. I've used it already a number of times and I've found it to be particularly handy in mixing bread dough just before starting to knead. And of course, it's great for scraping cake batters too!

The mini one that I got is actually a decent size, although I might get the larger one as well next time I'm ordering something from amazon. These babies qualify for free shipping which is an added bonus; you know how sometimes you're just short of a few dollars in the cart to get the free shipping on amazon, I'll sure add the large one next time I need to make up a few dollars.

This cutie has definitely added a playful touch to the spoon holder; it's starting to feel cosy around now. I might just not leave the kitchen at all anymore.

After getting the spatula, I was curious about what other products was available in the Fox Run brand, so I had a peek at their website. They've got some quite nice kitchen utensils, containers and tools. I just wished they had an online store of their own because I not quite sure where to get some of them.

Full disclosure: I was not contacted by Fox Run or to write up this post. I liked this product and thought about sharing my experience of it with you. All opinions and reviews here are my own.


  1. what a cute spatula so small I bet its great for frosting cupcakes...enjoy!

    1. Hi Millie, it is actually bigger than it looks when you're actually using it. I love it! :)


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