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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Vegan Food Swap - July 2013

My lack of posts these days are taking their toll on me! I've been taking a lot of pictures of food, places and events and mentally writing blog posts about them. But hhhhhh, it seems they have just stayed into the confinement of my foggy head these days. Until today! Jackie from The "Short Stack" Foodie made my day! It's my first month participating in the #VeganFoodSwap. For my part, I've sent a late package to my partner for this month. I will try to get on top of things for upcoming months and swaps!

So, let's get back to Jackie's package! She must definitely be psychic! She mentioned when sending out the package that it was going to be slightly different from her normal ones! That really got me intrigued. So today, I went to collect my package from the post office and as I got home, I couldn't wait!

Vegan Food Swap - Canada - July 2013 photo vegan_swap_july2013_01_zps08827207.jpg

Jackie got me a wonderful produce bag from Quirky! How could she have known I so much dig long-life grocery bags?! I think I almost collect them! Every time I see a nice looking produce bag, I do buy it! It kind of make the idea of buying a bag-for-life redundant!

The 'sweet' little card was heartwarming with a nice sweet note from Jackie.

Vegan Food Swap - Canada - July 2013 photo vegan_swap_july2013_02_zps8a0ef891.jpg

Vegan Food Swap - Canada - July 2013 photo vegan_swap_july2013_03_zps934fb8a8.jpg

Other things in the lot were a nice packet of red rice which I will certainly use in my salads or next time I make sushi, mixing a little with the sushi rice. She also got me some lemon tea from Earth Teaze! Tea is almost like the second liquid I drink the most after water! And despite this, in my assortment of teas and herbals, I was missing lemon tea.

Vegan Food Swap - Canada - July 2013 photo vegan_swap_july2013_04_zpsc3b7f49b.jpg

Oh my! Thank you Jackie for this fabulous swap! And thanks to MeShell from meshell in your city for organising the Vegan Food Swap

I can't wait to go grocery shopping!

 photo vegan_swap_july2013

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