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Sunday, 6 April 2014

Adding some Pizzazz to a Lazy Sunday

Vegan no-cheese pizza

Best day for a homemade pizza has got to be Sunday. After my green smoothie to bust away the first sign of a flu today, I really was not up for an elaborate Sunday brunch.
A good smear of tomato sauce layered with some fresh sweet peppers, fresh mushrooms, crumbled tofu tossed into some shoyu soy sauce onto the remaining store-bought pizza base in the fridge, and voilĂ  - I had my lazy Sunday pizza. If using organic, crumbled tofu provides the perfect topping for a no-cheese pizza instead of using processed vegan cheeses which are still ladened with fat. These simple vegetable toppings were really bursting out with pizzazz with the use of fresh oregano as opposed to the dried version.

Vegan no-cheese pizza

Left-overs are going into the lunch box for tomorrow.


  1. I always used to use tofu to top pizza, but have forgotten about how good it was. Thanks for the reminder! Your pizza looks so good.

    1. Thanks Andrea. Tofu is indeed very nice as a pizza topping. Sometimes I use soft tofu that I blend to a puree with some herbs before layering on top of the veggies. So yummy!

  2. This looks amazing. And the play on words made me smile!!! Pizzas definitely add pizzazz to any day :)


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