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Monday, 28 April 2014

The Mighty Monday Smoothie

The Mighty Monday Smoothie

The Mighty Monday Smoothie — that's one smoothie that really puts the 'mmmm' in my Mondays, featuring all 'm's: mango, melon, mandarin and mint. You may substitute for other fruits (provided they start with an 'm', just kidding!) but you wouldn't want to omit the mint! This is what gives it the refreshing depth combined with the warmth of ginger — an invigorating contrast that is sure to give you that zingy kick to start off your Monday. Give it a try and you tell me!

As all smoothies, this is super quick to make. To save time on a Monday morning, peel and chop all fruit the night before, place them in a mason jar in the fridge. In the morning, I usually use a stick blender and I blend them straight in the jar, then drink from the jar or screw on the lid and take away with me (if I am in a real hurry). Blending the smoothie in the morning saves it from oxidizing if you were to keep it overnight.

Ingredients (one serving)
1/2 mango
1/8 melon (2 slices)
Juice from 2 mandarins (juice only, not the pulp)
2-3 mint leaves
2 dates (pitted, chopped into small pieces if using a hand blender)
1/2 inch-cube fresh ginger
Water or coconut milk to thin out (if required)

Place all ingredients in a blender (or use a stick blender) and blend until smooth.
Pour and serve.

Happy Monday!

xo Lovlie


  1. I had a smoothie with mango today, too. If Id read this first, I would have added ginger.

    1. I love a little piece of ginger in most smoothies. I think I am going to be having another one of these tomorrow, my throat is a little soar. I hope it's not a cold coming. :S


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