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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Merry-Go-Veggie-Kids Summer 2014

Character illustrations on poster - Kevin Mangaroo.
Poster design - Teenuja Dahari

Now that Summer is in full swing, a few blogging friends and I have teamed up to present to you the Merry-Go-Veggie-Kids Summer 2014 virtual event.

Do we not all agree that healthy eating habits should start right at an early age?

While some kids enjoy eating their vegetables, others need more encouragement and motivation to do so. Very often, they will turn their nose up even after you've put so much effort into preparing a dish you think they will like. I don't have children of my own but I do remember the creative ways my mum would devise to make dinner time more appetising. For busy mums, time is a key factor. A while ago, we presented some effective tips on how you can encourage your child to eat more vegetables.

So, what is this event about?
The Merry-Go-Veggie-Kids Summer 2014 is a virtual event, hosted by me at where I would be featuring fellow blogging friends throughout the month of July to mid-August. Each blogger will be presenting a kid-friendly vegan recipe that highlights vegetables to inspire parents and to get kids to eat more veggies. Let's make Summer 2014 an unforgettable one both for parents and kids.

We have a selected list of featured guest bloggers for this event, but if you write a vegan-related blog and have a kid-friendly recipe that you would like to share for this event, drop me a line at veganlovlie at gmail dot com or by using the contact form at the bottom (in the footer) of the page. I will be more than happy to feature your recipe here during this event.

You can also share this event by grabbing the poster above or the banner below and link to this post which will be updated with the featured guest bloggers and recipes every week.

Whether you are a busy mum looking for inspiration or you've decided to become vegan and are finding it difficult to convince your kids to do the same, come and join us for this exciting event. Meet new bloggers and try some of their tried and true recipes that work. But most of all let the kids have a blast with vegetables this summer!

Recipes from our featured bloggers:

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