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Saturday, 22 November 2014

Waste Not: A Recipe with Oat Pulp

Oat Pulp Thumbprint Cookies, vegan oat cookie recipe

This is probably a long overdue post. Here's why: to date, my homemade oat milk recipe is one of the most popular post on this blog. And as such, some of you have been asking how they could use the leftover oat pulp. Yes, we all agree that we are not wasting food by throwing away the oat pulp. So far, I have only been responding back by giving examples of how oat pulp can be used in a number of recipes like cookies, cakes, bread, burgers and so on; these are the ways I use oat pulp. But using oat pulp in existing recipes does require some adjustments to the recipe because oat pulp already carries some amount of moisture. So, the liquids in the recipes as well as the method may need to be adjusted.

After a few trials and tweaks, I've now got the hang of incorporating the pulp in my recipes and can pretty much use up most, if not all, of the leftover oat pulp every time I make oat milk. I do regularly make oat milk at home; it is my staple milk — easy, cheap, no additives, tastes great and can be used in almost everything. (I have yet to try and make ice-cream with it though!)

So, here's one of my go-to recipe that uses up all of the oat pulp in one go - thumbprint soft cookies. I usually make these straight after I've made oat milk. But if you can't find the time, then the pulp keeps well in the refrigerator for a couple of days to be used later.

I like to bake these cookies in a square mold. This makes the cookies rather soft. But you can shape them individually if you prefer; they will turn out crispier around the edges. Also, you may also want to adjust the baking time to your liking, if you bake them for longer, they make crunchier cookies. I prefer them soft as I like to have them as a breakfast bar on the go for those mornings where I really need some comfort — they tend to become more and more frequent these days!

By the way, I am having so much fun making videos that I made one for these too! I hope you are enjoying them too.

Oat Pulp Thumbprint Soft Cookies

Ingredients (16 cookies or squares)

1 cup all-purpose flour
1 teaspoon baking powder
1/3 cup soft brown sugar
4 tablespoons coconut oil, melted (or vegetable oil)
1/4 cup desiccated coconut flakes
1 cup oat pulp* (obtained from homemade oat milk)
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
1 tablespoons coconut/vegetable oil
Jam of choice

*If you happen to not have enough oat pulp to make a full cup, then add 1-2 tablespoons non-dairy milk to the dough if it is turning out too dry)

  • Preheat oven at 200 degrees Celsius or 400 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Mix flour, baking powder and sugar. Break all sugar lumps.
  • Next add 4 tablespoons of oil.
  • Lift and mix with the fingers until mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs.
  • Add coconut flakes.
  • Add oat pulp and vanilla. Mix until a dough is formed. Do not overwork or knead the dough.
  • Coat the dough with 1 tablespoon of oil.
  • Place dough in a square mold. Press and stretch it to the edges.
  • Make dents in the dough so that you obtain 16 squares.
  • Using your thumb or a round teaspoon, make a well in each square.
  • Fill each well with jam.
  • Bake cookies for 25 minutes.
  • Do a toothpick test, if toothpick comes out clean, the cookies are done.

Nom nom nom!

  Oat Pulp Thumbprint Cookies, vegan oat cookie recipe


  1. what an interesting recipe! sounds delicious!

    1. Thank you! Well, it's a great way not to waste the oat pulp.

  2. What a brilliant idea to use up the oat pulp! Looks so delicious with coconut flavors, Lovlie!

  3. Any suggestions for a coconut substitute? My son has several food allergies--I'm going to use olive oil instead of the coconut oil but what about for the actual coconut?

    1. Almond meal is a good substitute if your son doesn't have any nuts allergy. Or else substitute with more flour (or rice flour) although the texture will be a bit different.

  4. hi teenuja
    thanks for sharing nice recipes. How long these cookies stay?
    please advise.

  5. Hi Grace, sorry for my late reply. These cookies will stay for 2-3 days in an airtight container. Or if you keep them in the fridge then warm then for a few minutes in the oven when needed, they will keep for up to 5 days (or maybe more).

  6. I've made this recipe many times, always ends up delicious!
    I always take half the batch cut it into squares and put them back in the oven at the lowest temperature for 20 minutes to make them extra crunchy and dry on the outside.
    The other half we just eat straight from the oven ;)


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