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Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Lippy Girl Vegan Makeup Review

Lippy Girl Makeup Review

Imagine my thrill when I learnt that I had won a giveway for a Lippy Girl Vegocentric Organic Vegan Lipstick along with a tube of the Extra Virgin Lip Gloss! This giveaway was held on Hannah's blog where Melisser posed as the model. Stunning if you ask me! Charmed both by Hannah's photography and Melisser's impressive posing and outfit matched with the Son of a Brick shade that she was wearing, I had to check out the Lippy Girl website. I was pleased to find that they are actually a Canadian company that does vegan and cruelty-free makeup.

So, about a week after the giveaway, I received a lipstick in the Rosey Posey shade that I had chosen and a lip gloss. They arrived in a cute carton pillow box embellished with a large pink bow. The packaging is most convenient especially if you plan on giving this away as a gift — no need to go look for wrapping paper. I liked the fact that it can be recycled too if not repurposed to keep other small items in my drawer. But anyway, I was more interested in the products themselves.

I immediately tried the lipstick and was pleased with the smoothness and the way it glides on the lips. It is non-greasy, yet not dry and has a good stay power. It does take a few layers to get to the colour shade but I found that, once on, the colour can stay for 2-3 hours without eating. After eating, I did lose some of it but not completely. The lip gloss provides the option of adding some extra sheen to the lipstick which in itself has a rather matt finish. So, I liked the fact that I can choose when to add a little punch with a glossy look and when to keep a subdued matt appearance. The colour in itself was one that I found to be very pretty and suited my complexion. This is one thing I have trouble with when looking for lipsticks is a nice colour that is neither too bright nor too inconspicuous. For my complexion, lipstick colours tend to most of the time fall at the two extremes. But I was glad with this one. I haven't tried any other colours yet but there were a few others that caught my attention in the selection.

The lip gloss is nice too with a subtle sweet coconutty scent. I've worn it on its own and it can serve as a nourishing lip balm. This is what I liked about both products, they were not just cosmetic items but I also felt they were nourishing my lips. This brand uses all organic natural ingredients with no harmful chemicals.

Lippy Girl Makeup Review

Lippy Girl Makeup Review

Watch the video review:

I haven't tried the other products yet but I intend to get some of their mineral foundations; I like the fact that they offer trial sizes in these too as buying a new foundation online can be tricky in getting the right colour.

Fortunately, you do not have to be vegan to use these products. In fact, even if you are not vegan, it cannot harm to switch to a cruelty-free option. These lipsticks are very affordable in my opinion compared to health food items which always seem to carry a heftier price tag just because it's vegan. With Lippy Girl, I was happy to see that the price range is very reasonable for the quality.

Have you tried any of Lippy Girl's products?

Lippy Girl Makeup Review


  1. SO glad you picked the perfect shade for you. It looks great!

    1. Thank you Melisser! Yes, I love the colour, it's different from the ones I already have and I like the natural look it gives. :)

    2. Thank you Melisser! Yes, I love the colour, it's different from the ones I already have and I like the natural look it gives. :)


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