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Thursday, 22 May 2008

Yummy Sesame Snaps...Hmmm!


Sesame snaps have been my all time favourite sweet stuff for ever since I knew how to chew! I don’t know about you but those little tooth-rottingly sweet crunchy thingies do satisfy my sugar cravings anytime of the day! Apart from being loaded with sugar, these little snaps are somewhat nutritious though due to the sesame seeds.

Sesame sometimes slightly triggers my allergy to nuts; but I just can’t give up on them. (I am not lethally allergic to nuts. A few is fine. I just get something like a hay fever which becomes a flu and cough or something if left untreated).

I tried to make my own sesame snaps once. Boy, I had a hard time scrapping my pan afterwards! It became so hard that it solidified before I could pour it out of the pan!

The ones in the photo are just some I bought at the supermarket. I might try making them once more some day!


  1. I think there's a recipe for them in My Sweet Vegan. they're delicious!

  2. My Sweet Vegan is a book I really want to buy. I don't own any vegan books yet. I'm ashamed to say... :S
    I really need to buy some. I think I'm missing out on a lot of things!

  3. store-bought or not, they look tasty and sweet!

  4. They're so delicious, aren't they? Along with halva they're one thing I just can't say no to!


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