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Sunday, 13 July 2008

Childhood Memories and Pudding


This is a favourite from my childhood days when Mum used to make the non-vegan version. Well even now, when it comes to puddings, I like a big kid who hasn't grown up! Here’s my vegan version of the Bread and Butter pudding with a bit of custard powder in the recipe as a binding agent to substitute the eggs and hold everything together. I like the bread sliced with the crust on. But you can remove the crust and mash it down when it is soaked.

Although this is nice as a dessert, it could be good for breakfast too. I enjoyed it on a Sunday afternoon with tea.

Ingredients (8 servings)

5 cups non dairy milk (I used soy this time, with a little bit of hesitation because of the amount required. But I did not get any intolerance symptoms! Woohoo!)
2½ tablespoons custard powder
½ cup demerara sugar
2 tablespoons sugar
200 g bread, 1-2 days old (I'm using metric measurements here as I think it might be easier to measure bread in grams than cups!)
Vegan margarine as needed
1 teaspoon vanilla
Pinch cinnamon (optional)

Slice bread and spread each slice with margarine.
Arrange in a rectangular dish 23cm x 30cm (9x12 inch). I arranged them in two layers.
Mix the rest of the ingredients in a large bowl or jug.
Pour half of this mixture onto the bread.

Preheat oven to 180 degrees Celsius.

Let soak for 15 minutes or until all liquid is absorbed by the bread.
Pour the rest of the liquid mixture onto the bread. Add more milk if required to just cover the bread.
Sprinkle with raisins and 2 tablespoons sugar.
Place a tray filled with water on the bottom rack of the oven. This will ensure a moist environment in the oven preventing the bread from going crispy on top.
Place dish in oven and bake for 45 minutes.
Remove and let stand for a while before serving. This will ensure the custard sets a bit.

Enjoy warm!



  1. Ok, this looks soooooooo delish, I must make this, and I mean like SOON...! I am a complete sucker for a warm, sweet breakfast type dish and I think this qualifies beeeeeutifully :) SO tasty looking!

  2. miaaamm!! I've been wanting to eat some bread pudding since AGES!! but never really brought myself to look up for the recipe! This one looks exquisite, I'm gonna try it for sure! Btw, do you know any substitute for Demerara sugar? and if I don't have any custard powder, with how many eggs could i replace it with?

  3. oh my goodness! i haven't had bread pudding in about 10 years! what is wrong with me! i need to make this, i will make this, and i will eat this for breakfast, lunch, & dinner - ohhhh my!

  4. So I'm not the only one who's been enjoying bread pudding lately... It's great isn't it? but I would like to try your recipe too!

  5. Thank you all for you nice comments! I think bread pudding is always a winner at any time of the day!

    V: I'm not sure how many eggs! It's been a long time since I last cooked with eggs! (I would not recommend it, by the way, not just because I'm vegan, but I don't think they are a healthy option).
    Some vegan bread puddings don't use any custard powder at all. I haven't tried it though.
    I have found a vegan bread pudding at this link that doesn't use any custard powder:

    I hope this helps!

  6. This looks and sounds so good.


  7. Ooh yum, I know what to do with our next loaf of bread!

  8. That's IT!
    I think I love you!!
    This has to be my all time favourite pudding EVER and I'd honestly thought my days of eating it were over!!
    I could kiss you!
    You've made me a very happy person. Thank you SO much for this recipe.
    (blimey - I can't believe I haven't spotted your blog before now!!

  9. Hahaha! Jeni, I'm glad you like this one! It's also my favourite pudding I think!

  10. Bread pudding without nutmeg????? Noooooo!!!

    Ahhh I do miss bread pudding. Although I must say, I always preferred the raw mixture to the final product n_n

    My family still make the omni version so I have to go without, but not anymore! I never thought of having this for breakfast. Must give this a try soon. Thank you, veganlovlie!!!


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