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Monday, 5 October 2009

VeganMoFo 05: I like my avocado sweet!


One thing that almost always brings me puzzled looks and questions is the way I eat my avocados. I’ve been used to eating avocado as a fruit (which they are really!) and so, almost always eat them sweet.

I very often have an avocado for breakfast. Just cut in half, diced and sprinkled with sugar, that’s how I like it!


But mind you, unlike when using avocado in salads or other savoury dishes, when eating avocado as a fruit, it has to be perfectly ripe, soft and more on the mushy side. This is when it tastes best!

Today I decided to have a fancier avocado breakfast. I had it with banana smoothie which was very refreshing.

Boyfriendlovlie had some too but he said he would rather have this as a dessert! Well then it’s up to you, maybe a dessert after breakfast!

Ingredients (1 serving)
1 pot (125g) soy yogurt (any flavour you like, I used mango and peach)
1 banana
¼ cup (50ml) soy milk
½ avocado (or a whole if small)
Raisins, dried fruit (optional)
Dessicated coconut (optional)

  • Place first 3 ingredients in a blender and process until smooth.
  • Pour into bowls.
  • Cut avocado in half, remove the stone. Then dice the flesh while still in the skin (taking care not to pierce through the skin). Then scoop out the diced pieces.
  • Place avocado pieces, dried fruits and coconut onto smoothie.


  1. I've never tried eating an avocado as a sweet! Intriguing butterfly.

  2. I like eating them both ways.

    In college I had a friend from Guinea-Bissau, and he was the same; the thought it was the strangest thing to put avocado in a savory dish.

    Avocados are such wonderful things!

  3. I've never thought about eating one sweet! I usually sprinkle salt! Next time I will try the whole sugar thing!

  4. I've never tried an avocado just sprinkled with sugar - it sounds super!

  5. The only time I've ever made an avocado sweet was when I made chocomole, a raw chocolate pudding, which was incredible. I'll have to try your suggestion, sounds yum!

  6. I am so happy to find someone else who likes their avo sweet. I make fruit salad with avo so this smoothie is right up my alley!!!

  7. How interesting! Your avocado recipe sounds delicious both for dessert and breakfast.

  8. I used to work with a french lady called Clara and she always ate her avocados sweet too! I can imagine the slightly bland creaminess being perfect paired with sugar and other sweet ingredients.

  9. i have never had (or thought of having them sweet). try everything once, i say.

  10. Ooh! This sounds interesting. I must try it.

  11. I've only ever had savoury avocado. I should try them sweet!


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