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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Roasted Radish Salad

Radishes have always been a raw vegetable in my salads or sandwiches. Two weeks ago I purchased a whole bunch of them as I had not had them in a while. But I went a little overboard with grocery shopping the last time and bought too many salad items, way more than I could eat before they start to go off. After 10 days the radishes were still sitting in the bottom drawer of the fridge with all the leaves starting to disintegrate.
There was about 10 radishes and eaten raw I could probably just eat 1 or 2. Then it came to my mind that I could try roasting them and maybe could eat more than two then.
So I did! Brushed with a little vegetable oil and sprinkled with some dried thyme and oregano, I got a nice tasty vegetable which I still enjoyed as part of a salad with some steamed sweet potato.
And I could definitely eat more than two when they are roasted. The skin of some of them (the bigger ones) did turn out a little chewy but it was okay nonetheless.


  1. I love this...thank you lovlie.

  2. What a beautiful, colorful salad! I would have never thought to roast radishes. I learn so much from fellow bloggers!


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