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Sunday, 15 September 2013

Vegan Food Swap - August 2013

A late post for August 2013 Vegan Food Swap. I was meant to post this on the 31 August as per the rules of the Vegan Food Swap, but here I am posting it on September 15th!

August 2013 Vegan Food Swap revealed! My sender was the bubbly Becca Williams! Becca is such a firecracker! She absolutely made my day and that includes all the email exchanges we had over the past month. I couldn't but smile and laugh aloud while reading her emails. So the package contained some really nice goodies all individually wrapped...

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_12_zps35f00ad9.jpg

accompanied by a long description letter!

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_09_zpsf19e8e50.jpg

Wow! This warmed my heart and I still remember the feeling while I was opening each item one by one. Each packet was labelled in the order they should be opened to match the labelled description on the letter. How thoughtful! Thanks Becca.

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_11_zps1e3c8f47.jpg

I really enjoyed what I found in each.
Gluten-free pretzel sticks. Yum! I opened the pack on the same day.

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_04_zps6101bdf5.jpg

Sesame flavoured snack-size nori sheets. Seaweed is one thing that I could never be satiated with! I just love the sea taste. And Becca picked up on my strong liking for Japanese food to send me these!

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_08_zpsa965c0f5.jpg

Plantain chips. These were unsalted and unsweetened and I really loved them because I usually just find sweetened banana chips which send that sharp toothache feeling if these happen to glue onto the roots! eek! So these plantain chips, I loved.

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_05_zpsf7a0914f.jpg

Pumpkin seed clusters. I tried those despite my allergy. Dangerous move but the allergy didn't kick in, thankfully. And these were so tasty and addictive. But I can only have a little nibble at a time if I don't want to suffer the allergy attack.

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_06_zps331f1756.jpg

Seeing this Vega sport gel,I was thinking whether that was a sign that I should get back on my regular gym training! I've been postponing my routine for a long time now! I've never had this product before and I haven't tried it yet but the ingredients seem a lot healthier that other brands out there. Becca's mum recommends it! So I will try it soon!

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_07_zps1da8e4d4.jpg

Raspberry liquorice! I've been seeing this a few times in the health store but never thought of buying it because I've never been a great fan of liquorice. I'm glad Becca sent this in the package, because they are actually good! I even went to buy some more at the store! These have become my newly adopted candy. So yummy! I've seen the blueberry flavour too which I haven't tried yet.

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_03_zpsc7a40c29.jpg

How could have Becca guessed I love ginger candy, I don't know! I had just bought a bag of soft ginger candy (in another brand) a week before receiving the food swap package. But hey, these are not too much! They will last me all winter and keep me warm!

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_02_zps51e6d41b.jpg

Thank you for these wonderful goodies! That was a good swap.

Vegan Food Swap August 2013 photo vgsw_Aug2013_01_zps846add27.jpg

By the way, you should really have a look at the awesome video Becca did featuring her chocolate lab named Gilmour! It sure did entertain me and at the same time sending a message out! Check it out here.

For my part I sent a packet to Jamie Hunter.


  1. Becca is by far one of the funniest people I have ever met ... err ... foodie-swap met :) Looks like a great swap!

  2. I feel the same way about Becca! Her swaps, emails, and those swap videos she posts are pretty darn awesome.

    Glad you had fun! :)

  3. Becca is awesome! She sent you nice goodies! I couldn't make it for the August swap, sadly...

    Will there be a swap this September? I didn't get an email anyway.

    1. I didn't get an email either. So I don't think it's on this month...


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