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Tuesday, 25 February 2014

My new crochet project: Owl #amigurumi

owl amigurumi

Meet Baltazar. That is how Sisterlovlie has named her new little friend. As I am picking up on more crochet skills and working on bigger projects like throws, I thought tackling amigurumis would be the next step. And Sisterlovlie being so fond of owls, I couldn't help but make my first amigurumi project an owl just for her. To my surprise, making these little stuffed cuties aren't as daunting as they seem. Their cute-factor surely helps in getting the project progressing at amazing speed.
This cute owl one was made using this pattern from Little Muggles. Amy, the author of Little Muggles sure got a whole world of crochet cutie plush, books and tutorials.

Just wanted to add a little note: I have used normal buttons that I've sewed on for the eyes. But if you are making these for children, make sure you use safety eyes which don't come off easily. That way the kids don't risk putting the buttons in their mouths and choke.



  1. Absolutely adorable! ! Love owls are you selling any??

    1. Hi Heather,
      I don't actually sell them but I could make one for you if you really want one. :)

  2. Can u make me one?? I love owls that's adorable


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