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Sunday, 23 March 2014

Eating Out: Aux Vivres, Resto Vegan - Montréal

In the heart Montréal, Aux Vivres is a restaurant boasting of a solely vegan menu. Could any vegan resist stepping into a restaurant where you can actually order anything from the menu, that is without having to ask for adjustments to be made? The answer is of course not! Upon recommendation from Babette of Vegan à Montreal, Boyfriendlovie and I decided to spend last Saturday evening dining at Aux Vivres.
Upon arrival, which was some time around 7:00pm, the place was packed and there was already a queue. Good sign, although we didn't fancy waiting too long (to be fed!). We were lucky that there was just the two of us, so we quickly got a table before other people that were in larger groups in the queue.
Menu options were so alluring that I found it hard to decide on what to order.

The drink menu is certainly not to be overlooked. The tonic with apple, lemon and ginger was one refreshing cleansing drink with all the goodness of fresh ginger. On a random day, this would have been my breakfast - it was quite filling by itself!


For starter, we ordered a Mezzé Aux Vivres with Chapati. This delightful arrangement of pâtés and creams was the best dish from what we ordered that evening. It consisted of a veggie pâté, veggie lox, tofu cream, hummus and olive tapenade garnished with pickles & capers served with chapatis - all exquisitely prepared to enliven every taste bud!

Aux Vivres mezze

Aux Vivres mezze

Aux Vivres resto vegan, Montreal photo chapatis_zps3a69bad2.jpg

Struggling to decide between the Dragon Bowl and the Bouddha Bowl, for my main course, I eventually went for the Bouddha Bowl. A mix combination of raw and cooked: lightly steamed broccoli and spinach, raw grated carrots, bean shoots with grilled tempeh on a bed of brown rice, all accompanied by a light and tangy Japanese vinaigrette.


Boyfriendlovlie chose the Tempeh Burger which he quite liked. Although he said he would have liked the tempeh with a little more flavour. That said, after the starter we were both quite full. So we probably were losing a little of our sense of taste! Next time, we'll make sure not to order a starter so that we can really enjoy the main course without stuffing ourselves.



Despite being so full, I just couldn't leave without trying one of the desserts, could I?
"You have enough space for dessert?!" asked Boyfriendlovlie.
"Um, no! But I still want to eat dessert!" I replied.

And so we had the Uncheesecake. This sweet treat was light but did not lack taste. We could only eat half of it though; I guess, even at this stage, my eyes were still bigger than my stomach. We asked to get it wrapped so we could take it home.


When dining out, my only regret is my small appetite! I feel full so quickly. Aux Vivres is definitely a place to revisit (until I've tried everything nut-free on the menu!)

Disclaimer: This review has been written of my own accord. I was neither solicited nor remunerated for it.


  1. I sooo loved this post! Thank you for sharing your dining experience at Aux Vivres. I am originally from Montreal and used to frequent this restaurant so often that one of the servers pointed out when I hadn't visited in a while. Ha! Thank you for providing this eye candy and for making my heart yearn to be back there. I will surely make a point to visit the next time I'm in Montreal. Their menu is very eclectic and it sounds like you made the most of your experience, despite your small appetite :) The next time you're there, do make sure to try their chipotle brownies. Cheers!

  2. I found your review!

    Would you recommend the Buddha Bowl? I've never tried it. I always find myself ordering the "junk food" at Aux Vivres and not the healthy bowls. I've tried the Dragon Bowl though, but at home, and it was really good.

    Next time, you have to try the BLT sandwich or the Gyros. They are amazing. Brunchws are great as well. Oh, and the chipotle brownie (nut-free I think).

    1. The Buddha Bowl is light on taste. So if you not a big fan of spicy food, I think it's a good choice. For me, I wanted a little more flavour in it. I definitely will try the "junk food" next time and the Dragon bowl. I think the Dragon bowl will be more spicy, from other people's reviews, it is pretty close to the Korean Bibimbap dish which is one of my favourite dishes.
      I should go back soon now that it's less cold! Looking forward to another trip there. :)


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