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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Pleasantly Surprised: Veganlovlie Featured on Scope Magazine!

Nothing beats the excitement and thrill of such a surprise: to learn that this blog, Veganlovlie, was featured in Scope Magazine which is a Mauritian weekly mag! I had no idea they made a mention of this blog until I read it on a fellow Mauritian blogger's post, carrotmadman6. The article is about 'The Blog Phenomenon' in Mauritius and it highlights a few other Mauritian bloggers, some of which were interviewed for the article. But for my part, I didn't know about it and it so happens that a screenshot of was also published with the article! How cool is that?
Thank you so much carrotmadman6 for giving me a mention in this article.

Here's a scan of the article (images courtesy of carrotmadman6). Click on images to see larger versions.

The article is in French though (and I am very lazy to translate the whole article for you!). In brief, it talks about how carrotmadman6 was inspired by Yashvin to start his blog and also how blogging has evolved in Mauritius over the years and the different types of topics of blog out there. Mine was featured as presenting vegetarian recipes (the difference between 'vegan' and vegetarian is probably still less known in Mauritius but that's okay. I'm happy that at least the concept might spread to a lot more Mauritians now thanks to this article). It also highlighted a few other active Mauritian blogs:

Yashvin Blogs,
Island Crisis,
Style Mauritius,
Ashesh R,
Inspired To Bake,
Yadhav's nest,

Now, I am really quite happily walking on clouds at the moment!

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